Chemical Testing

Quality assured chemistry testing to UKAS and Mcerts standards

We have an extremely well equipped UKAS/Mcerts accredited chemistry testing laboratory for analysis of contaminated land, leachates, waters and building materials (concrete, lime and cement). Our testing service includes the following:

  • Asbestos analysis
  • Metals
  • Cyanide & Thiocyanate
  • Sulphur, Sulphide. Sulphate, pH value & Chloride
  • Phenols (total and speciated)
  • PAH (speciated USEPA 16)
  • TPH (screen & speciated aliphatic/aromatic split)
  • VOC’s & SVOC’s
  • PCB (total and speciated)
  • Herbicides
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen
  • Total nitrate
  • Total hardness
  • Dissolved organic carbon
  • Leachate preparation and analysis
  • WAC – inert – stable – hazardous suites
  • Cement content – mortar designation – initial consumption of lime
Our extensive UKAS schedule of accreditation is evidence of the importance we place on quality when it comes to reporting the correct analytical result to clients.

Our aim is to be the company of your choice for all laboratory and site testing services.

To achieve this Terra Tek is committed to the highest standards of quality, health and safety, training and personal development for our staff.